Delicious, healthy meals for busy people.

Meal kits that cook themselves in just 30 minutes.

Nomiku WiFi Sous Vide Smart Cooker


Nomiku's 3rd generation appliance is also the world's best stand-alone sous vide immersion circulator! You’ll be able to enjoy Sous Chef Meals when you’re too busy to cook and able to prepare your own chef-quality meals when you have time to get creative in the kitchen.

 Sous Vide (pronounced soo-veed) Means “under vacuum” in French. It is the method of cooking vacuum-sealed food in a controlled water bath. Simply immerse your ingredients, then walk away. Meat and vegetables become perfectly prepared and flavorful.

"It’s a really convenient way to cook meals for my family, especially on school/work nights easily and quickly."

Anna G.

Order a Nomiku Smart Cooker for only $69!

After buying $79 in food. Regularly valued at $249.

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Order Your Meal

Choose from our well-sourced menu of single serving, mix-and-match sous vide mains and sides.

Tap to Cook

Tap your food to the Nomiku Sous Chef, put it in the water, and let the magic happen for 30 minutes.


Our chef-made meals are cooked to perfection with sous vide. 
Enjoy the flavor and quality.

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Order a Nomiku Smart Cooker for only $69!

Limited time only.

After buying $69 in food. Regularly valued at $249.

Dinner is about to get easy!

Great food has never been easier. 

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